Newsletter – 2nd March, 2018

Newsletter – 2nd March, 2018


This week’s winners are:

3W        99.33%                         2G        100.00%
3A         99.31%                          RB          97.04%
6C         97.86%                          1G          96.55%

There were 65 lates recorded this week.  Congratulations to class 5P, the only class with no late arrivals this week.

Spanish Postcard

The winner of this week’s Spanish Postcard award is Freddie from 3M.  He is brilliant at asking and answering questions, in particular asking for classroom objects.

Academy Conversion

Unfortunately it has not been possible to complete the academy conversion process in time for 1st April, but we will keep you posted on the actual conversion date when it is known.

Easter Lunch

There will be an Easter Lunch on Wednesday, 21st March, which will consist of roast chicken dinner or tomato and cheese pasta.  If your child does not usually have a school dinner but would like to have this one, please book on Parent Pay by 11th March.  Please note that you need to book the dinner for the day as well as assigning payment to the dinner service if appropriate.

Breakfast Survey

Please note that as part of the on-going monitoring of the Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Programme in Blackpool, once a term we will be asking pupils attending this school some simple questions regarding what they had for breakfast on a certain date.  We will also be using data we hold on children within the school as part of this study.  All information will be aggregated and no one child, or their answers, will be identifiable within the analysis.  If, for any reason, you do not wish your child to take part in the monitoring, please let us know in writing and we will ensure that they are not included.