This week’s winners are:

6M         99.60%                      1P          95.36%
5P           98.67%                      RL         94.67%
6W         97.86%                       RB        93.33%

There were 79 lates recorded this week.  Sadly there were no classes that had everybody in on time.  Please remember that all children should be in class by 9.00 am and doors open at 8.50 am to allow for this.  Late arrival affects your child’s education as lessons start promptly at 9.00 am, and it also disrupts the rest of the class.

Headteacher Awards

Congratulations to the children who were presented with Headteacher Awards this week.  These are awarded by the teachers to pupils who have excelled during the term:

Finley (RB), Brooke (RL), Elliot (RS), Alana (1S), Lily (1KG), Kaydee (1P), Rome (2X), Amelia (2A), Alex (2G), Lexi (3C), Isabelle (3M), Mischa (3O), Leah (4C), Ebony (4A), Freddie (4N), Alessa (5P), Kira (5B), Lily-Mae (5C), James (6W), Evie (6M), Liam (6JR), Heidi (Spanish – 2G), Jordan (Music – 6JR) and Emma (PE – 6M)

Carol Concerts

Thank you to all the children for singing so well in their carol concerts today.  These were much enjoyed by everyone who attended and really put us in the festive mood.  A big thank you to Mrs Jemson and all the staff for making these so successful.

Festive Holidays

School closes today for the holidays and will re-open on Monday, 7th January, 2019, at 8.50 am.  We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.