The Director of Public Health for Blackpool has advised that a low threshold on symptoms is to be used in Blackpool authority schools, as this approach has been successful in other areas of the authority.  The Council are following the World Health Organisation’s list of symptoms to support keeping transmission low.  If your child shows any of the following symptoms they should be kept off school and a test should be booked:

Most common symptoms:
• fever
• dry cough
• tiredness

Less common symptoms:
• aches and pains
• sore throat
• diarrhoea
• conjunctivitis
• headache
• loss of taste or smell
• a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:
• difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
• chest pain or pressure
• loss of speech or movement

The Council has also sent the following advice:

  • At present a free NHS Covid -19 test is only available through the Government’s test and trace scheme and not through local GPs.
  • People are able to choose to take a test at a site near to them, or ask for a testing kit to be delivered to their home.  To access these tests they need to visit  (Test times are released throughout the day so the advice is to persevere and keep trying).
  • Please be aware that children under 5 will not be able to attend testing sites. Parents are advised to visit for further help and advice
  • Anyone who has difficulties accessing the on-line service can call 119.