Each year you will be asked to discuss this agreement with your child at a level suitable to them and to return a signed copy to school:

School Partnership Agreement

At school we will do our best to:-
• Provide a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum.
• Value your child, treat them fairly and keep them safe.
• Encourage children to always do their best and achieve their potential.
• Keep you informed of progress and of school matters.
• Contact you about any concerns or problems.
• Offer you an opportunity to be involved in school life.

Headteacher’s signature ________________________ Date ______________

I/we will do my/our best to:-
• Ensure my child comes to school regularly, punctually and properly equipped.
• Support them with reading and other homework activities.
• Attend parent evenings and discussions about progress.
• Notify school promptly of absences.
• Inform school of problems or difficulties that may affect child at school.
• Treat all school staff as professionals and with respect.

Parent/carer’s signature_________________________ Date _____________

I will try my best to:-

• Come everyday to school on time.
• Behave well and follow the school rules.
• Bring the things I need everyday and look after them.
• Work hard, listen well and always do my best.
• Treat and care for everyone with respect.

Pupil’s signature________________________________ Date _____________