Our School Council 2019/20

November 2019

Our School Council have been coming up with ideas in relation to the dinner menu. These are some of their suggestions:-

“The school council is planning to change the school menu. We are really sorry if your child doesn’t approve of what has changed on the menu but this is what the majority of the school wants. As you are aware we have some vegetarians and because of that we are keeping most of the vegetarian options. As well as that we are also (hopefully) adding some things from another school menu, such as milkshake and cookies. We are taking some stuff off though. We are also making some tasters like noodles lasagne and chilli (not spicy) – just because we are worried that if it’s the only thing left when they get there they know whether they like it or not. By the way none of this is definitely happening we are trying though.” – Imogen

“Lately the school council has been discussing the dinner menu changes for next term. In our most recent meeting one of our cooks came in with the new menu. He was very open to suggestions as we discussed our classes opinions on this terms menu. One suggestion that was made was to check if our classes had vegetarians because the vegetarian options were unpopular. Due to our class suggestions the menu may change to suit our likes and dislikes. We have not changed the menu yet and we are going to trial the menu for two weeks to see what we like and dislike. We may be arranging a taster session for the following: noodles possibly with Chinese sauce, the vegetarian curry  and the chilli.” – Freddie Phasey