Sport and PE Premium Statement 2017-18

The importance of pupils participating in regular PE and sport activity has been widely recognised for a number of years.  The Government has set aside significant funds to enable primary schools to further develop their PE and sport provision.  For the 2017/18 academic year Stanley Primary School has been allocated the sum of £21,090.

The vast majority of the sports premium funding is being utilised to employ the services of the Blackpool Community Football Trust (BCFT).  Over the academic year specialist sports coaches will support PE lessons and provide on-going training, support and guidance to our teaching staff.  Children who have attained the national standard in swimming also receive additional high quality PE supported through the BCFT, experiencing sporting activities which may have not been on offer without this funding.

In addition the school has engaged the services of Blackpool Community Football Trust to provide a wide range of lunchtime sporting activities to increase pupil participation across key stages one and two.

The school enters a wide range of sporting competitions.  We make good use of the sports premium funding to ensure children are able to participate in as many of these events as possible.

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