Primary & Secondary School Admissions September 2022

Applications are now live at

  • Primary – applications are required for all children with a 4th birthday between 1st September 2021 and 31st August 2022
  • Secondary – applications are required for all children who are currently in their final year at primary school

Reception Need Your Help!

Have you got any dressing up outfits that you could donate to Reception? They would be delighted if so. Any infant sizes would be welcome.

Text2Parents Mobile App

We understand that some parents have been having difficulty receiving text messages from school if they use the Text2Parents mobile app. If you are, it may be worth deleting the app at this time which will result in receiving our messages as a normal text message.


It is very important, for Health & Safety, that you do not allow your child to play on the mound in the infant playground before/after school. We have also had reports of junior children on their bikes in the playgrounds which is also dangerous. Please do not allow this.

  • Please do not walk through the Year 2 car park as a short cut, also please don’t allow your children to run around our car park areas as this could be dangerous
  • All children require a named bottle of drinking water
  • All children should bring a coat/jacket every day as the weather is very changeable
  • Please write your child’s name on any items of school clothing, bags etc
  • Only stud earrings are acceptable within school but please REMOVE these on your child’s P.E. day as these cannot be removed by a member of staff and if your child cannot remove the earrings themselves they will not be permitted to take part in the lesson
  • Children must not walk down the field behind Reception to access the Junior Department, please use the designated routes into school
  • Please note that the school lunch menu is subject to change. Although we will, of course, try our best to keep to the published menu (available on our website) but due to supply/delivery difficulties we may have to offer something different (any allergies, dietary requirements etc will be followed)
  • If your child has a bump to the head we will text you – this is for general bumps, nothing to worry about. If the bump is a little more serious we will telephone you

Operation Encompass now operates throughout Lancashire police force. It helps police and schools work together to provide emotional and practical help to children. The system ensures that when police are called to an incident of domestic abuse, where there are children in the household who have experienced the domestic incident, the police will inform the school (Miss Manson) before the child or children arrive the following day. This ensures that the school has up to date relevant information about the child’s circumstances and can enable support to be given to the child.