COVID-19 Advice

We appreciate there is some confusion among parents regarding whether or not to keep your child off school if/when they are currently feeling unwell. We hope the information below will assist.


If you are still unsure please follow this link for the NHS Covid-19 Symptom Checker, or call the NHS on 111.

We will, of course, continue to take advice from Public Health England and the Local Authority and will update you with any changes that are made.

Social Distancing

We are concerned about the lack of social distancing outside school and would remind you of the following points:

  • We are using as many doors as possible to enable parents to distance whilst waiting by using various different areas such as playgrounds
  • Please wait away from gates so that these areas do not become congested
  • When using a gate, please be considerate of others and allow room to pass
  • There are three pedestrian gates in both the Junior and Infant playgrounds, all of which are open for use
  • We are unable to open the large vehicle gates at drop off and collection times for health and safety reasons
  • Please minimise the time you spend outside school by not arriving too early and not lingering after you have collected your child/ren

We thank you for your patience and your help in keeping everyone safe.

Mobile Phones/iPads

Please do not send your child to school with a mobile phone/iPad unless this is absolutely necessary, for example if they walk home by themselves etc.

If your child does need to bring a mobile phone/iPad to school, the device should not be removed from their bag until they are no longer on school grounds.

PE Days

As noted on last week’s newsletter, PE days are subject to change.  We shall text individual classes on a Friday if their PE day is to be different the following week.  For clarification this week’s PE days are:

(Child’s current year group, not year group from 30th September):

Year 1 – Monday and Wednesday
Year 2 – Monday and Thursday
year 3 – Wednesday
Year 4 – Tuesday
Year 5 – Wednesday