This week’s winners are:

6W            98.21%                           2X                    99.68%
3O             96.90%                          RL                    98.62%
4A             96.45%                           RB                    98.00%

There were 58 lates recorded this week.  Congratulations to the following classes with no late arrivals:  6W and 3O

Blackpool Children’s Services

Blackpool Council’s Children’s Services recently underwent an Ofsted inspection.  Following the inspection Ofsted have written a letter to children in Blackpool.  If you would like to read this letter, or discuss it with your child, you can view it at

Marton Church Jumble Sale and Auction

There will be a jumble sale and auction at the church on Wednesday, 20th February at 6.30 pm.  There are quite a lot of new lamps, lampshades, mirrors and pictures included in the sale this time as well as the usual stuff.

Infant Playground

Please supervise your children closely while waiting on the Infant Playground.  Children should not play on the mound, the playground equipment or any of the grassy areas for health and safety reasons.  We would also remind you that dogs are not allowed anywhere on the school premises, except for trained guide dogs.

Half-term Holiday

School closed today for half-term and will re-open on Monday, 25th February, at 8.50 am.