Blackpool Youth Games

There will be a Road Race next Monday, 20th June, from 5.30 pm at the Stanley Athletics Arena. This is open to all children from Years 1 to 6, but they must be accompanied by a parent.

Y6 Enterprise Week

Y6 would be grateful for the donation of any of the following: small, smooth pebbles, old CDs/DVDs, glass jars, plastic bottles, wool, craft paints and any other craft supplies such as beads, ribbon, buttons etc.

Queen’s Birthday Lunch

On Decades Day, Friday, 8th July, there will be a Queen’s Birthday Picnic lunch, which all children can participate in. This will consist of a selection of sandwiches, a cake, a drink and a piece of fruit. If your child already has a school dinner, they will automatically have this picnic lunch on the day. If they would like this meal as a “one off” it can booked on Parent Pay for that day only. If you are unable to do this on line, a letter can be obtained from the school office to pay at the local shop.

Parent Pay

You may be aware that Parent Pay altered their web site last week and this has caused some problems. When you log on now, you need to “top up” your account and then allocate the required amount to an item ie dinners, zoo trip etc. In addition, we have had a problem with the menus, in that the published menu became out of sync with the kitchen cycle following the changes. We apologise for this and assure you it will be sorted completely by Monday, 27th June. In the meantime, there may be some changes to the published menu but all children are being provided with a meal. Please could we also request that any lunch bands your children may have brought home by mistake are returned to school.

Blackpool School Games

Congratulations to our team who won the Orienteering competition this week and will now go forward into the Lancashire finals.

Summer Fair

The Summer Fair will be held on Monday, 18th July, after school.   The PTA would be grateful for the donation of any good as new toys and bric a brac, pottery. If anyone would like to help with the Fair in any way, please contact the Infant Office. More information on the event will follow.

Staff News

Our congratulations go to Mrs Smith in Year 3, who has safely delivered a son, Lincoln.

National Book Tokens

Our school needs you! Help us win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for the school library – and get £100 for yourself! Just enter the competition online, it only takes a minute:


Last week’s winners were (2 days only):

3A                    98.28%                                    1C                   96.67%

4A                    98.08%                                    1E                    95.00%

5P                    96.55%                                    RB                   92.59%

There were 24 lates recorded on these two days.