Year 6 Leavers

Today we have said goodbye to our Year 6 children and we wish them all every success and happiness in their new schools.  We would also like to congratulate them on their fantastic production of “Mirror, Mirror” on Tuesday, which everyone greatly enjoyed.  Our thanks go to all the staff involved for their hard work, especially Ms McCarthy who also wrote the script.

Attendance Winners

Congratulations to our attendance winners this year, RB and 6W.  All the children in these classes enjoyed a visit from an ice cream van on Monday.

Headteacher’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received Headteacher’s Awards from Mr England yesterday:

Iris RB, Tyler RS, Mia RL, Archie 1P, Sumera 1S, Isla 1KG, Ayanja 2X, Tyler-Blake 2G, Alyssa 2A, Gracie 3O, Lily-Rose 3M, Scarlett 3C, Coby 4A, Ben 4N, Isaac 4C, Jessica 5C, Kaitlyn 5P, Theo 5B, Ashton 6W, Olivia 6M, Corey 6JR and Sports, Kara (Music)

Staff News

Today we have said farewell to Mrs Fleming in the Junior Office and we wish her a long and very happy retirement.  We have also said goodbye to Miss Staveley in 1S who is leaving us today, and Ms Clarke in 4C who starts her maternity leave in September.

Summer Holidays

School closes today for summer and will re-open on Monday, 2nd September, at 8.50 am.  All children will line up on their playground on the first day back and be taken into their class by their teacher.  We wish you all a happy and safe holiday.