Welcome to the last newsletter of 2019!


This week’s winners are:

4A     100%                     6M      98.06%            3M     97.50%

1R      97.24%                  RS     96.90%              2X     96.21%

Congratulations to class 4A who have achieved 100% attendance this week!

There were 99 lates recorded this week. Unfortunately every class had late arrivals and this is totally unacceptable. Doors open at 8.50 am and all children should be in class ready to start the school day at 9.00 am.

Safeguarding Issue

We respectfully ask that parents do not crowd the doors or look through the classroom windows upon collecting your child as this can be distracting and the children are still in lesson until 3.15 pm. This request is also to safeguard the children.

Headteacher Awards

Congratulations to the children who were presented with a Headteacher Award this week.

These were awarded by the teachers to pupils who have excelled during the Autumn Term:

Alfie (RL), Amelie (RB), Florence (RS), Dilly-Ann (1R), Heidi (1KG), Zuzanna (1P)

Ella (2X), Savannah (2A), Melike (2G), Maisey (3M), Daisy-Grace (3O), Oliver (3C)

Lauren (4M), Layla (4Y), Arran (4A), Scott (5P), Sydney (5B), Mia (5C)

Charlie & Aoife (6W), Ashton (6JR), George (6M), Emily (6M – PE), Lucy (6W – MFL) Emilia (6W – Music)

Carol Concerts

Thank you to all the children for singing so well in their carol concerts today. We hope all family members who attended enjoyed them as much as we did – certainly put us in the festive mood!  A big thank you to everyone who took part in the raffles – we raised an amazing £631.00, which will be used towards new equipment for the Junior Hall.

As always, a big thank you to Mrs Jemson and all staff involved for making these so successful.

Christingle Service

There will be a Christingle service at Marton Reform Church on Tuesday, 24th December, 2019, at 4.00 pm and everyone is welcome.

School Closure

School has now closed for our Christmas/New Year break.

Doors will re-open at 8.50 am on Monday 6th January 2020 for 9 am registration.

We hope you all enjoy the festive period and look forward to seeing you in January to begin the new decade!