Year 6 Leavers

Today we have said farewell to all our current Year 6 children and we wish them every success and happiness in their new schools.  We would also congratulate them on their amazing performance of ‘Big, Bad Riding Hood’ on Tuesday, which was greatly enjoyed by everyone who watched it.  Our thanks go to all the staff for their hard work in producing this show.

Ofsted Report

We have received the Ofsted report in school today and are now able to share this with you, although it will not be published by Ofsted until September.  We are pleased to report we received a Good judgement in every category, with behaviour being singled out as being outstanding.  You can read the full report on our website by clicking here

Headteacher’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who were presented with Headteacher’s Achievement Awards yesterday.  These are given by the teachers to one pupil who has excelled themselves during the term:

Harry RL, Molly RS, Oscar RB, Lottie 1KG, Olivia 1G, Evie 1P, Zackery 2E, Lilly 2G, James 2O, Myley 3A, Imogen 3M, Ben 3W, Lexi 4C, Mia 4M, Reece 4A, Jasmin 5B, Joshua 5P, Alyssa 5C, Lexie 6JR, Dayna 6C, Chelsea 6W, Ellise 6JR and Isaac 3W


Congratulations to 2G and 5C, who won best attendance for the year.  Both classes received an ice cream treat this week during a visit from an ice cream van.

Staff News

Our congratulations go to Ms Fulton in Year 3 who will be getting married during the summer and will return as Mrs Fulton-Clark.

Summer Holidays

School closes today for the summer and will re-open on Monday, 3rd September, 2018, at 8.50 am.  All children will line up on their playground on the first day back and be taken into their class by their teacher.  We wish you all a happy and safe holiday.