This week’s winners are:

5P       98.00%                   RS        97.67%
3M      96.43%                   RB        96.33%
4C       96.21%                    1S          95.56%

There were 55 lates recorded this week.  Congratulations to the following classes with no late arrivals this week:   6W, 5C, 5B, 3C and 1S

School Dinner Menu

There will be a new summer menu after the Easter holidays and this can be viewed by clicking here.  Please note that jacket potatoes will be replaced with a pasta option every day on this menu.

Smokefree Policy

We operate Blackpool Council’s Smokefree policy within our school premises and this includes a ban on smoking outside the school gates.   As we have noticed smokers outside the gates recently we would ask you all to refrain from this on the pavements outside all the school gates.


Please remember that dogs should not be brought onto school premises, including the entrances/car parks, even if being carried.  The only exception to this is registered guide dogs.

Easter Holidays

School will close for Easter on Friday, 5th April, 2019, at 3.15 pm and re-open on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019, at 8.50 am.