This week’s winners are:

4A          99.35%                                    2G              97.59%
6M         98.80%                                    1KG           97.24%
3M          97.50%                                    2A              95.67%

There were 69 lates recorded this week.  Congratulations to the following classes which had no lates this week:  6W, 5C, 5B, 2X and 1S

Google Internet Assembly

Our KS2 children all enjoyed an assembly from Google this week which concerned internet safety.  Further information on this, and general internet safety issues, can be found on a website called Parent Zone, please click here to view


Year 1 Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service
On Thursday morning Y1 had the opportunity to meet the firefighters from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. They enjoyed safety talks and discussed the differences between fire safety in 1666 and 2019. We also spoke about smoke alarms and how we keep safe at home and at school. After the talk, Year 1 recreated the events of the Great Fire of London by safely burning their model Tudor Houses on the infant playground. The firefighters explained safety rules and once the flames were extinguished, the children had the chance to use the water hose.
Photos and information about the special visit will be on our Year 1 blogs soon.

Headteacher’s Awards

Congratulations to the following children who have been presented with Headteacher’s Achievement Awards by Mr England today:

RB  Nadia, RS  Freya,  RL  Zuzanna, 1P  Leah, 1S  Summer, 1KG  Blake, 2A  Ethan,  2G  Rian,  2X  Hallie,  3O  Lily,  3M  Demi-Leigh,  3C  Harry,  4A  Ashley,  4N  Isaac, 4C  Leo, 5C  Robin, 5P  Marshall, 5B  Poppy,  6JR  Joseph,  6M  Jasmine,  6W  Taylor,  PE  Millie (6W), Spanish  Connie (4A)

Easter Holidays

School closes today for the Easter holidays and will re-open on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2109, at 8.50 am.