This week we recorded 70 late arrivals. Each class had at least one late which is disappointing. Please ensure your child arrives in school ready for 9am registration each morning.


If your child develops Covid symptoms please obtain a test. If the result of the test is positive please advise school as soon as possible (if out of school hours, please send an email to

If you believe you need a test visit or call 119 for advice.

Please be mindful that if any person within your household begins to show symptoms, you must all self-isolate – the person with symptoms for 10 days from the day the symptoms began (unless a negative test result is produced), the rest of the household for 14 days from the day the symptoms began.

As lockdown restrictions have been enforced this week, please can we encourage parents to wear face coverings on school grounds and maintain a 2m social distance from one another as far as practicable. If possible, please wait for your child on school grounds as the pavements are becoming extremely congested which could be very dangerous.


Please do not smoke or vape on any part of the school grounds. This is strictly prohibited.


As we are keeping the classrooms well ventilated, you may want to put an extra layer on your child such as a white t-shirt under their shirt or a hoodie for over the top of their jumper/cardigan and on P.E. days children should wear their Stanley P.E. t-shirt with trainers and tracksuit bottoms/top.

However, children should always bring a coat to school with them.

Updated Risk Assessments

Our risk assessments have been updated in light of recent changes.  Please click here to view