This week’s winners are:

3M       99.64%                           1P          98.93%
4Y        99.25%                           1KG       98.67%
6M       98.39%                           RS         97.24%

There were 79 lates recorded this week and sadly there were no classes where everyone was on time.

History Day

Monday, 11th November is a whole school History Day to remember the world wars and children are invited to dress up in outfits from the time of either World War.  There is no collection on the day but we hope that children will wear a poppy to school to commemorate the wars.

Anti Bullying Week

Next week is Anti Bullying Week and on Friday, 15th November children are invited to come to school in odd socks.  This is to encourage the children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.  There will be no collection on this occasion.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We would like to remind all parents and visitors that school is a zero-tolerance zone.  Inappropriate language, threats or acts of aggression towards staff will not be tolerated.  Anyone behaving in such a way will be asked to leave and may be banned from the premises.  We always encourage parents to come and speak to us if you have an issue and we expect you to show us the courtesy that you would expect from us.  We would also be grateful if you would refrain from making adverse comments about individuals, children or staff on social media.

Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening will be held on Wednesday, 20th November and letters will be sent home to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.  However, please note that Class RS will be holding their Parents’ Evening on Tuesday, 19th November and Year 6 Set 1 will be on Thursday, 21st November.

Collecting Children

Please can we remind parents not to disturb classes at the end of the day when children are being collected.  We have had occasions where younger siblings are banging on classroom doors or waving through windows – this is very disruptive to our children and staff.  It is extremely helpful when parents stand back from classroom doors at the end of the day so the children can leave safely.

Play Equipment

No children, either Infants or Juniors, should be on our play equipment or grassy areas before 9.00 am or after 3.15 pm and we would ask all parents to make sure this is enforced.

Bake Sale

Year 4 will be holding a bake sale on Thursday, 14th November for Infant chidlren and on Friday, 15th November for Junior children.  There will be biscuits, cake and hot chocolate for sale between 20p and 50p per item.  Please make sure Infant children bring their money in a named envelope.  We regret to advise you that office staff will not be able to accept money to pass on to children through the day.