Mr C England

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs J Murphy

Assistant Headteacher:

Ms K Manson

Teaching Staff

Year 6:

Mrs S Windsor (Year Group Leader)
Mrs Jackson-Rudd
Ms J McCarthy

Year 5:

Ms G Crowther (Year Group Leader)
Ms A Broadway
Mrs S Poole

Year 4:

Mrs N Aris (Year Group Leader)
Ms C Clarke
Mr T Narramore/Mr M Aspden

Year 3:

Ms S Ottewell (Year Group Leader)
Ms H McGuire
Ms R Cox/Mrs A Byrne

Year 2:

Mrs S Greatrex (Year Group Leader)
Mrs A Gibson
Mr J Ashworth

Year 1:

Mrs S Page (Year Group Leader)
Mrs K Connor/Mrs G Eaves
Ms S Staveley


Mrs J Bateson (Year Group Leader)
Ms A Latham
Ms A Mills

Additional Teachers:

Mr G Airnes
Mrs P Chellal
Mrs S Jemson
Mrs S Meek
Ms A

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Green (Learning Mentor)
Mrs T Ruddle (Special Needs)
Mrs D Bunney
Mrs S Cook
Mrs J Fearon
Ms C Jennison
Ms C Kelly
Mrs V Lewin

Mrs S Wooley
Mrs W Barker
Mrs N Smith
Mrs C Eldridge
Mrs J Fulton
Ms L Isles
Mrs P Lewis
Mrs J Lomax
Mrs V Norman
Mrs J Playforth

Support Staff


Mrs J Fleming (Junior Office)
Mrs S Staveley (Junior Office)
Mrs K Louth (Infant Office)
Mrs J Pal (Infant Office)

ICT Technician:

Mr K Stephens

Site Supervisor:

Mr D Harvey

Cleaning Staff:

Mr S Tonia
Mrs B Harvey
Mr I McAdam
Mrs A Tuck
Mrs E Allan
Mrs N Palmer

Welfare Staff:

Mrs E Allan
Mrs W Barker
Mrs G Dean
Mrs R Dugdale
Mrs K England
Mrs C Flynn
Mrs J Fulton
Mrs H Heard
Mrs S Holland
Mrs D Holmes
Mrs J Lomax
Mrs K Louth (Supervisor)
Mrs S Moore
Mrs N Palmer
Mrs A Purdie
Mrs N Scholes
Mrs G Sloan
Mrs M Stansfield
Mrs S Torkington
Mrs E Waloncecz

School Nurse:

Mrs A Squire

* Please note changes may have occurred in this and a new Staffing Structure will apply from September 2019