Parents’ Evening will take place on Monday 14th June 2021 – Core Hours 3.35pm – 5.55pm

Due to COVID restrictions we have subscribed to School Cloud which is a new booking system to make Parents’ Evening appointments.  The appointments will take place online via video-call.  The calls take place over the internet, therefore you do not need an app or any specialist device, only a device that allows video calling -therefore a SMARTphone can be used.  Please be aware calls are strictly limited to 5 minutes and you will be aware of time remaining on the call via a countdown – the system will close down after this period of time ready for the class teacher to speak to the next parent.

Appointments can be made from today until Friday 11th June.  Should you wish to make any changes to appointments after this date you will need to contact the school office.

Appointments are with class teachers.  If your child is in Y5 or Y6 information regarding your child’s progress will have been given to their class teacher by their Maths and English teachers, therefore you should make an appointment with your child’s class teacher only.

A guide on how to log-in and make appointments, together with a link to log in, is here:

School Cloud Parents Guide