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Coronavirus: how to build resilience and ease tensions
Colourful thank you messages for NHS workers made by children
We hope you’ve been enjoying our series of kindness activities.

Helping your learners be kind to their mind is important during these uncertain times. These new activities will help to develop resilience, ease household tensions and build empathy.

The activities are suitable for primary and secondary learners (aged 7 to 18), with differentiated ideas where needed. All resources are available on downloadable documents which can be shared with parents or students themselves and link to engaging videos, creative ideas and real-life stories.

Here’s a taster of some of the new activities (there are five to pick from).

Messages of kindness – there has been an outpouring of kindness during this crisis. Consider the power of kind messages and get creative by writing your own.

Living well with kindness – learn about the importance of active listening skills. Being empathetic will help learners ease household tensions during lockdown.

Stories of resilience – being resilient means being able to adapt to these changes. Using real-life stories learners will consider how we can become resilient and help our communities to be resilient too.

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